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Post by SirElfMaster on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:50 pm

These rules are borrowed from another site and have been edited to our needs.

1.      Respect - Users are expected to respect all other users. Users may not attack, demean, or insult other users of Warboarders. This includes staff members.

a.      Harassment - Users are not allowed to harass other members on Warboarders. Harassment is defined as the action of targeting another individual repeatedly with messages or actions that intend to annoy, upset, disturb, or insult. Users can be reported for harassment if they continue communicating to an individual who has requested a termination of behaviors by the harassed user or by any others. Any user may report suspected harassment; it does not need to be the person being harassed. The Staff encourages users to report harassment, even if it is not against them personally. Reports of user harassment are taken seriously by Warboarders Staff and strict punishment may be dealt to accounts engaging in harassment.

b.      Discrimination - Warboarders takes complaints of discrimination seriously. However, because of the complicated nature associated with discrimination, the Staff handles matters of discrimination on a case by case basis. If you feel you have been discriminated against, please report the incident to the Warboarders Staff and an Administrator will investigate the matter.

c.       Let the Staff do their Job - It is acceptable for users to calmly and respectfully explain site rules and regulations to other users, but users are not staff of the site. Users are not allowed to belittle or demean another user for their actions. Staff members are here to deal with that. If a user is breaking a rule, it should be reported. Users are not to police Warboarders and will be punished for vigilantism against other users.

2.      Erotic Content- Erotic content is allowed on Warboarders but it is limited to 18+. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to post or view erotic content on Warboarders. Romance is still allowed for those under 18 but if things were to get serious/intimate in roleplay it is suggested that the scene is faded to black and the authors resume the story after what would have happened.

3.      Extreme Gore - Warboarders does allow non-erotic adult content, but Warboarders does not allow extreme descriptions of gore or violence nor can users cannot post real-life photography or representation of extreme gore or violence.

4.      No Illegal or Immoral Discussions - Users are not allowed to discuss or provide advice that is either illegal or immoral on Warboarders. Topics considered illegal or immoral can include, but are not limited to: piracy of copyrighted media, theft, selling illegal products, or threatening individuals or organizations.

a.      In-Character Behavior - Literary freedoms do exist on Warboarders when it comes to roleplaying. Characters can partake in illegal or immoral behavior when it doesn’t conflict with other site rules and is allowed by the creator of the roleplay. When roleplaying a character who is involved in illegal or immoral behavior as defined above, the user is expected to address the situation in a mature, respectful, and delicate manner. As an example, if a character is a drug addict and the creator of the roleplay allows it, they can imply the use of drugs or similar activities. However, users cannot discuss drugs out of character or give advice about such content to other users.

5.      No Advertisements – Users are not allowed to advertise external websites or services with the intention of either personal gain or distracting from the community. This means links that benefit the posting user, links that sell a product or service, or links that serve to gain a user-base on another website are considered advertising and will be removed.

a.      Commissions - Commission requests and advertisements are permitted as long as such posts are made in the Creativity section and given the "Commissions" tag. Costs may be discussed in the post, but any and all payment information (such as credit cards, etc.) may not be posted in public and may only be handled via PM.

b.      Admin Permission – A user can seek permission to have an external site affiliated with Warboarders under Advertising Links. The website must be approved by Warboarders Site Administrators. If seeking an official affiliation with Warboarders, please contact us using an admin or moderator.

c.       Reporting Advertisements - Users are advised to report any thread or post that appears to be advertising a product or promoting a roleplay not hosted on Warboarders. Reporting can help moderators remove Spambots quickly and efficiently.

d.      Offsite roleplaying - Users are allowed to recruit for offsite roleplaying in a thread for Discord and all the various IMs and programs that exist. However, Warboarders and the Warboarders staff are not responsible for any content/harassment that may occur unless it is on the Warboarders site or on the official Warboarders Discord server.

e.       Public contact information - We highly recommend NOT sharing any contact information publicly, as doing so can lead to harassment, stalking, and/or other unpleasant things. We will not be issuing any warnings to users who choose to do so; however, be advised that Warboarders and the Warboarders staff are not responsible for any adverse occurrences that may result.

6.      No Ban Evasion - Users on Warboarders are expected to serve any punishment by the Warboarders Staff to the punishment's completion. Users who are banned are expected to remain off the site until their ban has expired. Users who are discovered evading their ban will receive additional punishments to their account depending on the severity of the ban and the evasion. Any secondary account a user uses to evade punishments will be removed from the site.

Connected Punishments - Users on Warboarders are allowed to possess multiple accounts. However, such accounts are considered conjoined in terms of warnings and punishments. Users should not attempt to create new accounts as a means to avoid further punishments for repeated offenses.

Aiding a Banned User - Users on Warboarders who are not banned but are found helping a member evade being banned, such as letting that user utilize their own account to post, will also be punished.

Ban Appeals – Users banned from Warboarders have the option to appeal their bans to Warboarders Site Administration. In order to appeal a ban, a user may email Warboarders@gmail.com at or they may try to contact one of the mods one discord. They may not bring it up in the general chat, they must pm the mod on discord if they use that method. A ban appeal must include clear, valid reasons why the ban should be overturned. A banned user is given one chance to appeal a ban. A banned user can only appeal bans of a significant length (multiple months or permanent bans). Ban appeals underneath a month are not sufficient.

7.      Spam - Users should not post spam on Warboarders. Spam is defined as posting content in an area of the site where that content is not meant to be held. This can include but is not limited to: posting repeated images, flooding a thread or forum with posts, and posting forum games within the discussion forums. Threads or posts marked as spam will be either moved to the appropriate section or deleted by moderators.

a.      Respectful Recruitment - Users should avoid posting threads involving/promoting their individual roleplays outside of the designated Recruitment Category. Recruitment and Interest Check threads posted in incorrect areas of Warboarders will be moved.

8.      Positive Environment - The general Warboarders forums are not places for users to vent or rant on their own personal problems. Warboarders is supposed to be a place for users to have a fun and positive experience. For this reason, users wishing to vent or discuss serious or upsetting problems should post in the personal discussion forum.

a.      Uncomfortable Conversations - Users should respect the wishes of other members while using private messages or the site's public forums. If a member asks another user to stop talking about a specific topic within a thread or in a private conversation, the topic of discussion should be switched or that part of the conversation should move to another section of the site. This guideline is not to give users permission to shut down a conversation just because they do not like the topic. Instead, it is to prevent conversations that upset or unease other members who are involved. Topics that can be told to stop can include but are not limited to: sexuality, gender identity, religion, politics, philosophy, ideology, theology, or trigger topics (e.g. murder, sex, drug addiction). If users are asked to stop, they have the option to move their discussion to another area on Warboarders. Starting a new thread about the topic in question or continuing the discussion within a private conservation are both viable methods if the topic is allowed by Warboarders Site Rules.

b.      Warning/Ban Discussion - To promote this positive environment, users are not allowed to discuss Warnings, Infraction Points, or Site Bans of any duration in the public forums; this includes, but is not limited to: Forum threads/posts, or any other publicly accessible on-site discussion tools. Discussion of Warnings, Infraction Points, or Bans will be deleted without notice and the user(s) issued with a site warning. If a user feels that they have received a warning and/or Infraction Points unfairly, they may contact an admin or mod at Warboarders@gmail.com or they may contact a mod on discord. They may not bring it up in the genernal chat, they must pm the mod on discord if they use that method.

9.      Plagiarism - Plagiarism is defined as the “theft” or unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property, such as writing, artwork, and other creative works. Warboarders does not condone the use of plagiarism in any form. If the creator of such a work reports an instance of plagiarism, the plagiarizing post is subject to removal and the poster may receive a warning.

a.      Pictures - Use of pictures found on the internet is exceedingly common, and we don't want to limit it unfairly. Users are free to use any images not explicitly restricted by the creator/owner of the image. We do encourage users to include a link to the picture source wherever possible, to give credit to the creator/owner. Note, however, that if we are contacted by the creator/owner and requested to take down an image, we will do so, so make sure any images are free use.

10.   Roleplay Rights

Staff Intervention in Roleplay Disputes

It is important to note before reading below that Warboarders Staff do not typically get involved in roleplay disputes between members. Outside of rule breaking, Warboarders Staff only get involved in a dispute if the Roleplay Creator petitions the Staff for assistance with their roleplay. In those cases, the Warboarders Staff expect the Roleplay Creator to have taken reasonable steps to resolve any disputes before requesting assistance.

Warboarders Staff will NOT get involved in a roleplay dispute on behalf of players unless the Roleplay Creator is violating Warboarders Site Rules. If you have an issue with your roleplay creator, you as a player have options, including leaving the roleplay or making your own roleplay on Warboarders. Complaints of stolen characters or other forms of plagiarism will be investigated by the Warboarders Staff if appropriately reported.

Roleplay Creator Rights:

Roleplay Creators have certain rights over their roleplays created on Warboarders or web spaces provided by Warboarders. These rights are not necessarily absolute and can be altered or changed depending on a Roleplay Creator's behavior. If a dispute over a roleplay arises, the Roleplay Creator will be held in higher authority than a roleplay's participants by Warboarders staff members. All Roleplay Creator's rights are listed below:

a.      Roleplay Creators are the authority over their roleplays, not their players.

b.      Roleplay Creators are the owners of their roleplays.

c.       Roleplay Creators have the right to add their own rules to their roleplay (as long as such rules do not contradict or abridge RpN Site Rules or Policies).

d.      Roleplay Creators have the right to determine what content is allowed in their roleplay (as long as such content does not break RpN Site Rules or Policies).

e.       Roleplay Creators have the right to remove or reject any player from their roleplay.

f.        Roleplay Creators have the right to prohibit or edit any action that occurs within their roleplay.

g.      Roleplay Creators have the right to make decisions about their roleplay’s setting or lore and can even declare any content as "non-canon" for their roleplay.

h.      Roleplay Creators can moderate and edit any content posted in their roleplay.

i.        Roleplay Creators can delete posts within their roleplays.

j.        Roleplay Creators have the right to place posting requirements or restrictions onto their roleplay.

k.      Roleplay Creators do not have to notify their players of changes to their roleplay.

l.        Roleplay Creators have the right to petition to the Staff to have their rules or wishes enforced (if their attempts to resolve issues directly with their players are unsuccessful).


Character Ownership

Roleplaying games are collaborative ventures. While a Roleplay Creator owns the content associated with their roleplay (as long as such content is not plagiarized or copyrighted), specific entries (such as a player's characters) submitted to that roleplay are considered the property and ownership of that individual poster.

Warboarders Hosting Rights

Upon posting on Warboarders, you as a content creator enter into an agreement with Warboarders when it comes to hosting your content online. Warboarders is a private entity and has the right to control what content and materials are hosted on Warboarders and web spaces provided by Warboarders. The rights below are bestowed to Warboarders staff members. These hosting rights supersede any other rights given to any roleplay creators, players, or users on Warboarders. These rights do not apply to Warboarders staff members acting as either a player or a Roleplay Creator within a roleplay dispute. The hosting rights are listed below:

n.      Warboarders is the authority over all content posted on Warboarders and web spaces provided by Warboarders.

o.      Warboarders has the right to terminate any content in violation of Warboarders Site Rules.

p.      Warboarders has the right to preserve, store, and archive content on its server.

q.      Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to remove, close, delete, or forbid any roleplay determined as rule-breaking without notice, explanation, or otherwise to the roleplay’s creator or players.

r.       Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to moderate, edit, or delete any content posted on Warboarders and web spaces provided by Warboarders without notice, explanation, or otherwise.

s.       Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to revive or retrieve deleted content posted on Warboarders and web spaces provided by Warboarders.

t.        Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to remove or alter content claimed as plagiarism or copyright infringement without notice, explanation, or otherwise.

u.      Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to hold a roleplay's creators or players liable for content they post and punish them according to Warboarders Site Rules.

v.      Warboarders Site Administration are allowed to change an individual's Roleplay Rights without notice, explanation, or otherwise.

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