The Last Resort/Последнее средство (OOC)

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The Last Resort/Последнее средство (OOC) Empty The Last Resort/Последнее средство (OOC)

Post by BadPunzLord on Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:55 pm

History Repeats itself. First as tragedy, second as farce. -Karl Marx

US Radio Frequency, last communication. 5/7/2047, 2:34pm

[American Male 1]: Sir, operation TLR is preparated. We can launch whenever you need to.

[American Male 2]: Launch when i give the order.

[American Male 2]: 3...

[American Male 2]: 2...

[American Female 1]: Sir! There are multiple missiles confirmed to have been launched at us from the east!

[American Male 2]: What?! Fast! Activate missile defense systems!

[American Female 1]: Sir, they've been sabotaged!

[American Male 2]: Dammit, they got the last laugh! I knew she was a traitor! Fast, launch!

[American Male 1]: Operation TLR launched! Goodbye, sir.

[American Male 2]: Goodbye, everyone.


USSR Radio Frequency, last communication. 5/7/2047, 2:35pm

[Russian Female 1]: Secretary, the American defense systems have been sabotaged. All missile silos are prepared, and the ship is ready. Awaiting for signal.

[Russian Male 1]: Open the missile silos.

[Russian Female 1]: Done, secretary.

[Russian Male 1]: 3...

[Russian Male 1]: 2...

[Russian Male 1]: 1...

[Russian Male 1]: Launch the ship, and fire the missiles!

[Russian Male 2]: Secretary, missiles have been fired back at us, and the defense systems are sabotaged!

[Russian Male 1]: Dammit, they got the last laugh! I knew he was a traitor! Goodbye, comrades.

[Russian Male 2 and Female 1]: Goodbye, secretary.


Hello, and welcome to the TLR (The Last Resort) Roleplay! This is an Alternate History/Sci-Fi roleplay, where you are a soldier of either the Soviet Union or America. The Soviet Union has been formed once again, and has started a cold war with America again, except that this time, it ends up with total nuclear anihilation. The roleplay wil start with you being in the station and boarding the rocket once the alarms start. The rocket is destined to land in an alien planet, and for your luck (Or misfortune), both the Russian and American rockets are destined to the same planet. The only thing known about the planet is that it has water and breathable air. Whether or not you will survive, or cooperate with other survivors, is up to you.

As for your objective, scientists on earth think that using a machine found on the rocket, you could open a portal to an alternate universe where the war never started. You will just need to power it using a crystal found underground. The problem is, you'll have to find it...

Note: Opposite factions don't have to be enemies, since there's nobody supervising.


Soldier: Has the job to protect the survivors. Carries a laser rifle that uses processed batteries, a bulletproof vest and a standard military uniform according with the faction to the which they belong.

Engineer: Has the job to repair broken machinery, use the battery synthetizer to power the rifles and make the portal creator work.

Leader (There can only be two, one per faction): Supervise the team, explore to find the power crystal and make sure that the plan goes well, AT ANY COSTS.

Character sheets:

Faction (USSR or US):
Story: (Optional)
Other: (Optional)

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