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Vigilantes of Obasriya Empty Vigilantes of Obasriya

Post by Kiora on Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:02 am

(Art by Mohammad Qureshi)

Vigilantes of Obasriya Mohammx-qureshi-landscape-sketch

Long ago, forces from the depths have tried to to conquer the land of Obasriya. Rich with resources and flourishing kingdoms, it seemed like the perfect place to seize for your empire-building needs. But the citizens have resisted the abominations; and after a gruesome battle, they pushed them back to the underground, sealing them down there for hundreds of years. Obasriya returned to its normal state. But in their time of imprisonment, the legion of abominations have been arranging a plan. After years of planning and preparing for the moment, after generations of perfecting their idea, they are ready to break free and seize Obasriya for good this time.

Realizing that they will return soon, citizens from all around the continent have formed a group named 'Vigilantes of Obasriya'. The vigilantes are arranging a strategy to resist the upcoming assault and eradicate the abominations forever. But it'll not be an easy task; there are many obstacles on the way to triumph. Not everyone will make it back, but what is sure is that there has to be made an attempt before everything is too late. Who will answer the call?

That's a summary of the story for now. If anyone is interested, I'm not going to provide a specific sheet- you can add anything you'd like to and present it to me, and I will judge it from there. Just make sure to add the mandatory things like a name, occupation, etc. A backstory is optional but recommended. Once there are enough characters I'll start this off.

Looking forward to RP with you all! 

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