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Post by SirElfMaster on Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:37 am

OP: Over-powered, or original poster.

Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu: A character that is either: A) too perfect and everyone loves them; or B) too flawed and everyone hates them.

God mode: Being over-powered.

Out of Character/OOC: Outside of the RP, typically to discuss what is going on or what to do next.

In Character/IC: Inside of the RP.

RP: Shorthand for roleplay.

Character Sheet: A sheet or bio detailing various things about a particular character.

Auto-[insert word]: A form of god-mode, where a character can do various different things that would take time/another character's interaction. Ex: auto-killing, killing someone else's character -- or even an NPC -- immediately, not giving the other person a chance to defend themself.

NPC: Non-playable character; a character that is not controlled by anyone involved in the RP. Essentially a side character that anyone can control, to an extent.

Admin: One of many names for the person who started the RP. The person who makes all the major decisions.

Canon: A term used to describe the original content of the RP, whether it was created by the admin or comes for another source of material.

AU: Alternate Universe; anything that diverges from the canon.

Headcanon: Something that, while not confirmed in canon, seems like to fans. Ex: A character's sexuality is not divulged in the source material, so someone headcanons them to be gay.

Face Claim: The way someone imagines their character would look. Typically a celebrity or model.

Fan Character: A term used in RPs that are not original in origin; a character made for another universe. Ex: A character used in a Harry Potter RP.

Original Character: A term used in RPs that are original in origin; a character made for a universe that is not already pre-existing.

Hiatus: A break from RPing, typically for an indefinite or unspecified amount of time.

Main: Used to describe someone most used character; sometimes to refer to the mainverse.

Mainverse: The universe that most of the RP is set in.

MC: Main character.

Mod: Someone who helps the admin keep things running.

SFW: Safe for work; little to no explicit content.

NSFW: Not safe for work; typically includes explicit content such as sex, graphic violence, drug use, etc.

OTP: One true pairing; ships of two or more characters that are widely supported, or at least strongly supported.

PSA: Public service announcement; can be used when announcing important things to an entire RP group.

RPG: Roleplay game/group.

Self-insert: Rather than creating a character, someone uses themself in an RP. Frowned upon of done tastelessly.

Ship: A pairing of two or more characters, typically to describe a romantic/sexual relationship.

BROTP: An OTP, but platonic.

Fluff: Light-hearted and sweet; typically cute and domestic.

Smut: Erotica, essentially. Sometimes referred to as a lemon.

Angst: Much more serious and sad; can include character death, abuse, etc.

Lit-style: RPing in a style that is closer to literature.

Paragraph-style: RPing through the use of paragraphs.

Script-style: RPing through the use of a script format.

PC: Player character; a character being controlled by a member of the group.

Powerplay: Controlling someone else's character without their permission

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